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Arborist Services Mount Barker

Arborist Services Mount Barker

Tree Limb Removal Mount BarkerAdelaide Hills Tree Services provides the Mount Barker community with professional arborist services that help to keep their properties safe and attractive.

As local arborists with a passion for trees, we appreciate the charming character and features of our largest town in the Adelaide Hills, particularly its delightful main street where rows of splendid trees provide the ideal setting for landmark buildings.

We’re privileged to be able to help preserve trees in the Mount Barker area so they can be enjoyed by generations to come as these plants continue to play an important role.

Sometimes, though, we need to cut down trees that have become dangerous – after exhausting all other options. To redress the balance, we plant 10 new trees in the Adelaide Hills for each one we have to fell.

Besides tree removal, our other Mount Barker arborist services include tree pruning, stump removal, and block clearing. We also provide hedge trimming services.

Tree Removal Mount Barker

Our Mount Barker tree removal services eliminate the problem of trees that have decayed to such an extent that they jeopardise people’s safety and/or pose a threat to nearby buildings or utility services.

When removal is the only solution for a dangerous tree, Adelaide Hills Tree Services will take it down safely without damage to the surrounding area.

Signs that it might be time for a tree to come down include:

  • Severe splits in the bark.

  • Discoloured or misshapen foliage.

  • Dead branches at the top of the tree.

  • Tree trunk becoming hollow.

  • Tree suddenly leaning to one side.

  • Appearance of fungal fruiting bodies.

Trees in Tight Spaces

We have the specialist skills and apparatus to removal trees in difficult locations such as near a house or other buildings, near walls, or in areas with restricted access.

Our arborists can also work in tight spaces with uneven, slippery terrain without damaging adjacent lawns, paving, garden beds or structures like patios.

Our expertise in removing trees in tricky locations avoids issues such as:

  • Needing permission to enter a neighbour’s property.

  • Having to take down fencing.

  • Trampling across gardens with heavy machinery.

Tree Pruning Mount Barker

Our Mount Barker tree pruning services support healthy tree growth, enhance the visual appearance of a property, and avoid potential safety hazards.

We carry out three main types of tree pruning.

Maintenance Tree Pruning

Damaged Tree Removal Mount BarkerRemoval of dying or dead tree branches encourages strong tree growth and promotes flower and fruit production.

Professional maintenance tree pruning also provides a critical preventive measure to avoid problems that could result in a tree having to be felled.

Well maintained trees also make your yard a more enjoyable space or will impress visitors to your business premises.

Aesthetic Tree Pruning

Our aesthetic tree pruning services take routine pruning to the next level. We shape trees into eye-catching features by enhancing their natural beauty in terms of texture, form and scale.

This also ensures the long-term health of the tree and promotes foliage, flower and fruit development.

Aesthetic pruning can make a tree fit better in its surroundings and encourage branches to grow in various directions rather than simply spreading out.

Tree Pruning for Safety Purposes

Trees sometimes grow too big as far as safety is concerned, which increases the risk of branches snapping off or even total tree failure in rough weather.

Tree pruning as a safety measure eliminates the problem of top-heavy or overgrown trees that can put people and property at risk.

Our Mount Barker tree pruning services make trees safe while preserving their appearance. This usually entails thinning out the tree canopy and cutting back tree branches to reduce weight.

Stump Removal Mount Barker

Leaving tree stumps in place on your property creates an eyesore that can also be a safety hazard – it’s easy to trip over them.

Our Mount Barker stump removal services address these problems by enhancing the appearance of your yard and allowing you to reclaim your outside space as a secure area for you to enjoy and your kids to play in.

Removing tree stumps can also help to control pests such as termites, which thrive in dead wood and may venture into your home.

Our stump removal experts use special stump grinding machines to prevent roots from regrowing. This avoids the problem of unsightly sprouts poking out of the ground later.

Block Clearing Mount Barker

Block clearing typically centres on tree removal, so Adelaide Hills Tree Services are well placed to do the job, with expertise in tree and stump removal.

We have the specialist equipment to provide the best block clearing services. We also offer mulching services to cut disposal costs and enrich land with soil nutrients.

Our Mount Barker commercial block clearing services remove trees, stumps and other vegetation to get plots of land ready for construction works like home-building or creating a subdivision.

Our residential block clearing services help homeowners when they need site clearance ahead of building a house extension or installing a new feature such as a lawn or pool.

Hedge Trimming Mount Barker

Unruly hedges make it impossible to keep your yard looking its best. They can also put adjacent plants at risk by invading their space.

Our Mount Barker hedge trimming services put a stop to these problems by ensuring your hedges remain tidy and well formed, which promotes flower and fruit production.

We can also transform your hedge into an appealing focal point or create an effective screen for greater privacy.

Why Choose Our Mount Barker Tree Services?

Adelaide Hills Tree Services Plants Ten New Trees for Every One RemovedHomeowners and businesses who care about their trees have benefited from our Mount Barker arborist services for 7 years.

During this time, Adelaide Hills Tree Services has built an impressive reputation for:

  • Professional, friendly service backed by customer commitment.

  • Integrity based on honesty and transparency.

  • Reliability, including 24/7 call-out for tree emergencies.

The qualities that have helped us to consistently maintain our reputation include:

  • Flexibility – no job too big or too small.

  • Safety – full compliance with work, health and safety regulations.

  • Expertise – qualified arborists using the best equipment.

Contact us to discover more about how our Mount Barker tree and hedge services can benefit your home or business.