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Arborist Services Stirling

Best gardeners in the Adelaide HillsAdelaide Hills Tree Services provides homeowners and businesses in Stirling with a range of quality arborist services.

Nestled in Adelaide’s green hinterland, the garden village of Stirling is one of the oldest towns in South Australia and was developed around orchards and market gardens. 

Trees remain an essential feature of Stirling. Leafy streets are still lined with magnificent oaks that have flourished for more than a century and with spectacular liquidambars planted more recently.

We’re proud and privileged to play a part in helping residents and business owners maintain the rich heritage of Stirling’s splendid trees. And should anything go badly wrong with a tree, we can safely remove it. 


What We Do

Our Stirling arborist services include:

  • Tree pruning.
  • Tree removal.
  • Stump removal.
  • Block clean-up.

We also offer hedge trimming services to help Stirling homeowners and businesses keep their property looking its best. 


Tree Pruning Stirling

Best garden maintenance services StirlingTrimming your trees enhances their appearance, keeps them in good health, and prevents safety hazards. However, DIY tree pruning attempts can do more harm than good. That’s why people who care about their trees call on our Adelaide Hills tree pruning services in Stirling.

The way we carry out maintenance pruning to carefully remove selected branches strengthens trees’ structure, helps safeguard against disease, and promotes healthy growth of foliage, fruit, and flowers. 

We also prune trees as a safety measure when they have become top-heavy or started to encroach on buildings, a neighbour’s property, or power lines. Our tree pruning services may also be able to save a tree that would otherwise have to be felled.


Tree Removal Stirling

Stirling residents and businesses turn to our Adelaide Hills tree removal experts when dying or dead trees begin to pose a safety hazard and spoil the look of their property. In some cases of decay, it may be possible to save your tree by disease control or pruning. If these options won’t work, the only recourse is to fell the tree.

We have the expertise and specialist equipment necessary to safely remove trees in tight spaces and other challenging locations, such as near a house, next to a pool, and near garages, sheds, and walls. We also fell trees severely damaged by bushfire. 

As professional arborists, we’re passionate about preserving trees, so we share your pain when one has to be brought down. To help address the issue of tree loss, we plant ten new trees overall for each one we have to fell.


Stump Removal Stirling

Besides spoiling the appearance of your property, tree stumps can be dangerous. Our Adelaide Hills stump removal services solve these problems for Stirling residents and businesses while ensuring no damage is done to the surrounding area.

Our stump removal specialists make outdoor spaces safer by ending the risk of tripping over the remains of tree trunks – a particular problem if you have kids. Removing tree stumps also has pest control benefits. For example, termites that thrive in deadwood can also make their way into your home.

We use stump grinders to take stumps down to well below ground level. This ensures the root system won’t try to regrow and cause unsightly sprouts to poke out of the ground in the future.


Hedge Trimming Stirling

Hedge Trimming Services StirlingIt’s challenging to rejuvenate a hedge that’s been neglected, so it’s essential to stay on top of hedge maintenance. 

A tidily trimmed and shaped hedge can work wonders on the appearance of your property, whether you want to create an eye-catching feature or a screen for greater privacy. Pruning your hedges will also keep them under control and help to maintain their health, 

Homeowners and businesses who want their property to have the best hedges hire our Stirling maintenance hedge trimming and formative hedge pruning services to help promote flower and fruit growth, remove dead or diseased branches, and prevent overgrowth that can impair the development of nearby plants.


Why Choose Our Stirling Tree Services?

Our comprehensive Stirling arborist services – tree pruning, tree and stump removal, and block clean-up – are provided by professional arborists who care deeply about the welfare of trees.

Our services are always carefully planned and carried out, focusing on promoting healthy growth, enhancing appearance, and eliminating safety risks. 

Adelaide Hills Tree Services has served the Stirling community for nearly a decade. Our skilled tree technicians use advanced arborist equipment to achieve the best results possible.

Householders and businesses in Stirling choose Adelaide Hills Tree Services based on our reputation for:

  • Professionalism, integrity, and reliability.
  • Friendly, helpful service from an approachable team.
  • Total commitment to our customers.
  • Expertise and experience.
  • Affordability.


We Take Our Responsibilities Seriously

As responsible arborists, we won’t fell a tree unless necessary. If we have to cut down a tree, we’ll plant ten more across various areas to help sustain wildlife habitats, provide windbreaks, and improve pollination and erosion control.

We fully understand and comply with work, health, and safety regulations. As a precaution, we carry $20m public liability insurance in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.


We’d Love to Hear from You!

Contact us now to learn more about how our Stirling tree services can benefit your property by making it safer and more attractive. And don’t forget, we can also take care of your hedge trimming needs.