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Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Tree Removal


Tree removal includes a carefully planned process to bring the tree down to the ground safely and without damaging any of the surroundings. At Adelaide Hills Tree Services, we specialize in bringing down trees in confined spaces, and trees overhanging buildings safely and efficiently. We use a combination of rigging systems, climbers and machinery to get the job done, depending on what the situation requires.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Pruning


Trees often need to be pruned to maintain optimum health and shape. You may need the crown lifted to allow better access underneath, or have a hazardous limb overhanging your house that you are worried about, or want a regular maintenance prune. We can do it all and more in a safe and efficient manner.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Hedge Trimming


We understand the impact a neatly trimmed and shaped hedge has on the aesthetics of your property. When done well, it can be a feature, or can act as great screen. It is important to get your hedge pruned regularly to maintain health, shape and keep it under control. It can be hard to resurrect a hedge which has been neglected so it is important to stay on top of hedge maintenance.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Stump Removal


Stumps can be unsightly as well as a trip hazard if left in the ground. We can grind the stump out to make sure it will not re-shoot, leaving the ground level with no sign the stump was ever there.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Mulching


Chipping the branches and mulching your garden is a great way of putting the nutrients back into your soil. You may have done some pruning yourself and need a hand cleaning it up. We can leave the mulch there for you to spread yourself, or we can take it away for someone else to use. We can also deliver mulch for you.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Block Clean Up


Whether you are building a house, doing a sub-division or just some extensions, we are able to clear block from all trees and stumps, to give you an open space to work with.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Plant 10 for 1


As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, we have started an initiative with the goal of planting 10 trees for every 1 we cut down. We focus on planting a variety trees native to the Adelaide Hills, all many uses, from habitat, windbreaks, erosion control, pollination and many more.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Pest Control


Trees often come under attack from pests. We have expert knowledge to both detect these problems and defend your garden from pests. Whether it’s boring insects or elm leaf beetle, we can treat the tree to maintain its health.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services, Fully Insured


We respect your property all around us and take care not to damage anything. For peace of mind, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we have $20m public liability insurance.

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